What is PLAN?

Located in British Columbia, Canada, PLAN- Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. In 1986 a small group of senior parents who wanted to ensure a secure future for their sons and daughters with a disability when they were no longer around to provide support.
After these parents met informally to discuss their mutual concerns, it was very apparent to them that the present models of service delivery were inadequate to ensure a safe and secure future for their children.

It also became clear that the issue of safe and secure future affected all families with children with disabilities regardless of the age of the parent. Younger parents too were interested in securing the future for their son or daughter.
Interest from families with relatives with a disability was strong and enthusiastic. They were eager to develop models of service which guaranteed safety and security and was independent of government policy and funding.
After three years of research and after successfully securing grant monies PLAN was born in 1989.

PLAN recognized the vital and indispensable role parents have played historically in creating and developing services for our relatives with a disability. PLAN honors the work and vision of all families who contributed to the development of supports and services which exist for persons with disabilities today.

• Family Leadership
• Safety and Security through Relationships
• Self Sufficiency
• Contribution equals citizenship

PLAN believes in the resourcefulness of communities and focus on the assets contained within community. They accept responsibility for creating healthy communities which honor and include all its citizens. To learn more about PLAN visit