Personal Networks

Research indicates that an individual’s health and safety is directly related to the number of relationships in a person’s life. Relationships make our lives rich and meaningful. Relationships provide safety and security for the future. One of Family Link’s core values is safety and security through relationships. Family Link provides information regarding the formation of relationships in the lives of individuals with disabilities by developing Personal Networks for them.

The real strength of these caring relationships comes when people are connected to each other. Imagine a spider’s web. The strands extend from the center of the web to the edge. Imagine if there was nothing else holding them together. They would flap in the wind. Their functional value would be minimal. They need to be linked with each other in order to form the web. The web is strong when all strands are interconnected.

It’s the same for our family members’ relationships. When the people in a personal network are connected with each other, the web of support begins to approximate the thoroughness with which we care for our loved ones. The core of Family Link’s philosophy is nurturing and maintaining networks of caring relationships around our loved ones.

Networks of friendship and love aren’t just something for down the road. They are crucial right now. They give lives meaning, fun, and fulfillment. They create a place for sharing life passions as well as difficulties. They are what fosters love and belonging.  Networks don’t just provide security later in life – they make that life joyful.