Family Link Meeting Minutes September 1, 2011

Bob Lawhead, Sheila Bolls, Cathy Ludlow and Weslyn Austin (by Phone)

There was a misunderstanding about when our Family Link Exec. Board would meet but we had a meeting anyway!

Sheila brought up several issues that the Personal Network Committee would like direction about:
1. The additional expenses associated with Network Facilitators: Who pays for FICA,Medicare, Workman’s comp etc.
2. Also board needs to decide: will it be to Cassy’s discretion about whether a Network Facilitator is an independent contractor or a payroll employee?? There are some facilitators that are more experienced and can work more independently than other facilitators.
3. Pers. Network committee wants to know : Are we ready for more families yet? Maybe calling for Explorer Families II ?? There was general discussion about not being ready yet because Membership levels and benefits have not been decided. Also there was discussion that the next round of families may end up being perhaps members of the board and their sons or daughters, and we all understand the benefits and levels of membership are not yet defined.
It was suggested Weslyn will send out a proposal to board for a vote by email to start with more families: calling in Explorer Families II. We will send out an email saying we are considering more families to all those in our database and see who calls back.
Personal Network Committee meets on Tues. 9/6 and would like direction about interviewing more Network Facilitators. They have an Nov. 15, 2011 Orientation set up and would like to be ready!
Weslyn brought up we have so many things hanging in the balance: Membership rates/benefits, our marketing materials, actuary tables, workshops planned etc. etc.
As far as the actuary tables- many of board members met with Carol’s nephew Nick when he came last weekend to discuss those tables he has designed. It was decided at that meeting that Nick would develop three different versions: 1. For individuals in Comp services 2. One for individuals in SLS services and 3. For individuals with no services currently and on waiting list. Nick went home to work on these and will be emailing the changes back to Carol. Then we need to have several board members or other interested individuals trained on these tables to assist families. It will be a great tool to offer with memberships. Bob suggested the board consider paying Nick for his work with funds out of Rolander funds. That will be put on next week’s agenda.
Memberships/benefits need to be decided soon! What do we offer with membership? For the $350.00 membership we can offer : 1. Access to actuary tables for estate planning 2. Personal Network Planning and a Network Facilitator 3. Publications (exact ones TBD) 4. Free workshops 5. What else??

There was a general discussion about trying to reduce frustrations of Personal Network Committee and perhaps other committees by sending out minutes from Exec. Committee and Board meetings to all committee chairs, i.e. Nancy Baesman, Anastasia Lawhead, Cassy Higgins, etc. That way they will know what we are deciding and what direction we are taking and where things stand.

Bob reported that he received the check from Families and Allies Working Together for $5,967.18, for money left when their organization disbanded. It was accompanied by a brief letter but Anastasia has notes from her meetings with them about any details they passed onto her about their wishes of how we use that money. She will email the board those details.

Bob also reported that as of last night 8/31/11, Kate Kellet reported that Paul Forcey, our WordPress website developer, would be returning our money having apparently changed his mind about doing our website. He apparently felt he should have access to all domain names/registration passwords etc. and Bob felt uncomfortable giving him full access to all those.
Therefore, we will need to decide our next steps as far as website development. Weslyn said we have got to decide at least content about : Who are we? Membership info. and Event listings and get that going, even if we do a broader more extensive website later.
The question was asked about what it would cost to add Family Link onto Community Link website?? Bob said minimal if any.
Weslyn said she would contact Sue/LifeSpan in Washington state to see if we could use some of their content if we change minimally.
Bob will talk to Jan and set up a meeting with Kate Kellet and website committee.

Weslyn reported she is meeting with Susie Fuvell at 2:00p.m. on 9/8/11 to discuss hiring her to do grant writing. We have money in Rolander Grant to pay $50 for 50 hours of work. Cathy brought a copy of list of Foundations and Funds from which Tiny Tim has received funding. Also she asked about the Day Family Foundation?? Does anyone know who they are? Weslyn said we can look up their info. thru their 990 forms.

General Discussion: There is still some inconsistency with checking messages and emails. We have had various people doing it off and on all summer. Everyone is busy in their lives and it is sometimes hard to squeeze in additional responsibilities. However, we need to be aware that the reputation of Family Link and Community Link are at risk. There have been times were it has happened that some calls or emails were never returned and things have slipped thru the cracks. The board needs to decide if we can keep up with this responsibility as volunteers or if Bob should ask a paid employee to do this.

Cathy Ludlow took one of the new notebook computers and will do all her minutes and notes on it. She will transfer all Family Link info from her home computer onto this notebook.
The file cabinet from Kate Kellet is still needed and needs to be picked up and brought to our office.
Cathy Ludlow mentioned she would like to decorate our office to reflect an actual organization really exists there. She does interior design consulting as a profession.

NEXT MEETING: Thurs. 9/8/11 Family Link Exec. Committee
Full BOARD MEETING 9/20/11 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Submitted by Cathy Ludlow, Secretary

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